Travellers has a superb team in South Africa who have all been with us for many, many years. Between them, they have well over 30 years' experience of assisting the needs of our volunteers and interns.

Bill Fussell and his team not only look after our international volunteers and interns who visit South Africa to do their placements, they also assist our South African volunteers and interns who want to expand their horizons overseas. They help them with advice and guidance, and then make all the arrangements to ensure that they have a marvelous experience!

The two main South Africa offices are in Cape Town and Knysna, two of the most beautiful locations in the country.

Phil Perkes and Bill Fussell outside Bill's house in Knysna
Phil Perkes and Bill Fussell outside Bill's house in Knysna

Bill Fussell
South Africa Director
Bill was instrumental in starting Travellers in South Africa in 2000, and as such as seen the development of the business from the beginning. He well remembers the very first volunteer, Hassan Iqbal, who went to a school in George in March 2001, which is where it all started and has been anything but dull ever since!

Moving to Knysna from Cape Town in 2000, Bill was previously involved in the construction industry, having been transferred to South Africa from the UK in 1968, initially for two years that somehow stretched into forever.

Married to Val for 43 years, they have a daughter Helen, and two grandchildren in Perth, Australia, which is where they like to be whenever possible. They have travelled quite a bit, including Brazil, Malaysia, and the USA (where Bill has a sister) and of course Europe and several African countries.Bill also has a hysterically funny sense of humour that keeps us in stitches (except when Chelsea loses matches!).

Jim Morel
Project Co-Ordinator for South Africa, and Volunteer Liaison for Cape Town
Jim started with Travellers in 2004 after spending 2 years running a conservation project dedicated to the preservation of the Knysna Seahorse. Jim used to manage and look after our volunteers on the Seahorse project and he showed such dedication to their wellbeing that when his project terminated, we immediately asked him to join Travellers. Fortunately, he accepted, and he has been looking after our volunteers, developing new projects and generally assisting in the running of our South Africa program ever since.

He recently relocated from Knysna to Cape Town and is continuing with his work from there, as well as acting as Volunteer Liaison and Information Officer - he truly is a multi-skilled member of our team.

Eleanor Kilduff
Volunteer Co-Ordinator and Care Projects Developer, Cape Town
Eleanor has lived in South Africa all her life except for two years spent working as a teacher in England. She has now retired from teaching, and does craft work and works part-time for Travellers. She is married to Maurice, who is Irish and who came to spend a year in South Africa and stayed for 40 years ! They live in a rambling old house in Rondebosch, near to many of the placement schools. Eleanor, Maurice and their daughter, Sharon (a teacher at one of the Travellers placements), are all involved with working with adults or children with special needs.

Travels : Eleanor has travelled extensively around South Africa and Europe. She has climbed many of South Africa’s mountains, boulder-hopped down several of the country’s beautiful river gorges, but is now reaching the age where she enjoys watching other people reach summits and hurtle down raging rivers. No-one will ever persuade her that bungee jumping off a 250 metre high bridge is fun!!

Favourite moments working with Travellers volunteers : It is so thrilling to see the children surrounding a volunteer and all trying to get close enough to hug and cling to him or her. Another favourite moment is seeing how Travellers volunteers have grown in maturity and confidence during their time at the placements and knowing they will carry the experience into whatever they do back at home.

“Eleanor was very gregarious and friendly, always ready to put a smile on the faces of volunteers.” Sophie Bufton

Sharon Dreyer
Administrator and Volunteer Liaison, Knysna
Sharon joined Travellers Worldwide in the Knysna area a few years ago. She’s lived most of her life in South Africa, namely Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and now Knysna, apart from a brief stint in the West Midlands in the UK. She loves Knysna, and thinks it is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in South Africa.

She’s divorced with no children but totally devoted to her cat! She loves meeting all the volunteers that come out to Knysna and finds it very rewarding to see how much of a difference they make in the lives of the children and the community of Knysna. We gets floods of emails from our volunteers who all rave about Sharon - we reckon she must be one of the most popular people in the world with volunteers!!

In March 2011, Sharon was voted a Non-Executive Director of Sinethemba, the Street Kids Project that we work with. We're thrilled to see that the positive impact she has on our Knysna program is expanding ... well done, Sharon!

“Sharon in Knysna brightened every day up with her amazing cheerfulness and enthusiasm!. It was great to see how involved she was with all the projects and children.” Siobhan Scarlett

Knysna Volunteer House Supervisor
Pretty is our 'home executive', or better known as the housekeeper and 'mother' to many of our volunteers. She really is the unsung hero of our volunteer houses in Knysna. She willingly, energetically and happily keeps order and never complains. In fact, we think she doesn't know how to complain!

Pretty lives in the ‘Nekkies’ township, just outside Knysna, with her husband ... she is a true star!

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